The Countdown Function, what about that?

There will be a countdown for each event. This countdown closes about 15 days before the event, by which time voting is concluded. The event concept includes the occurring artists, location, date & time is published in “NEWS/EVENTS“.

Who will be selected?

The six or seven artists that have received the most VotingPoints, will be selected for the event. Whether six or seven is depending on the event.

When can I vote again?

24 hours after the end of a countdown the next event will be announced and voting starts again.

What happens to the tracks and their VotingPoints on floor after the countdown?

The tracks, that will be presented on stage, lose their VotingPoints. All other tracks keep their VotingPoints.



Countdown for virtual events 

As we enter year 2 of the pandemic, we’ll host regular virtual events.

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