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“I do not limit myself to just one direction of music. I play house or downtempo, techno, disco or electronica with great love.”

Our this month’s featured artist GUROV was born in the city of Dnipro (Ukraine) in the family of a professional musician. He currently lives in Kiev.


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“My love for music was genetically transmitted to me, but in a slightly different way. In 2005 I played for the first time at the student disco, it was unforgettable! In 2007 I started my career as a House DJ.”



Gurov´s Residencies:

2011 – 2015 the acclaimed musical project “Home Thursdays”

2016 the Soul Culture community 

2017 the project “Soul Serenades”





Vienna based well tuned Minimal Wave Pop Duo


Silver Gloves & Spaces Tour