Do you make music? This is the place to share your music locally and internationally.

The music industry has changed a lot in recent years. With the power of home computers and technological advances in software, the cost of getting into the music business are now next to nothing. Getting your music out there to an online audience of millions is just a matter of clicks. With this ease, also comes new problems and this is where we start.

We are convinced that a great future challenge is to link communities in virtual – and real life sustainably, especially when it comes to music presentation.


What is BerlinMusicStation®?

BerlinMusicStation is the first music platform worldwide, that brings online (on the web) and offline (on stage), music together. We provide music streaming and voting for gigs at the same time.

The action online translates into offline action.

With BerlinMusicStation music is no longer just limited to “Like” “Repost” or “Comment” functions, but rather turns into live music. BerlinMusicStation establishes a direct link between music creators and the audience. Music deserves a platform that is tangible and live.

Artists finally have the opportunity to present their music online as well as offline (on stage), while consumers have the ‘power’ to put together their musical event. With their vote they decide which artists will present their music live on stage.


Why has BerlinMusicStation® been launched?

In this digital age there is a need for a platform that creates the missing link between creators of music and consumers in virtual- and real life. Music as a cultural asset deserves a platform that is straightforward and live.  So many independent artists are out there creating wonderful music, but very few get a chance to perform live. So why not build a platform and bring composers and the audience together to add value to their composition. Our goal is to establish a new form of concert. Our music is not performed on the basis of popularity or sales but rather on the basis of your vote – without detours, straightforward and from a single source.