Update COVID-19


We want to send a message of solidarity to all of you out there as the world faces a massive threat, the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Our heart goes out to those who are already infected or who have lost loved ones.

At this time, we encourage you to listen to the health professionals who are asking to be alert about controlling what we individually can and avoid large social gatherings. We at BMS are actively following these guidelines.

Social distancing now is necessary to drive down the spread of COVID-19 and is an inherent indispensable part to make sure that those who need care can receive it.

This will be a tough time but it is a time for us to support one another and to take care of one another.

Being an artist in this COVID-19 times is serious challenging because music as universal language is predestined to bring people together. It is disturbing not to know, when the time of social distancing ends. We may have to isolate now but despite all limitations we mustn’t forget: Music is still a great and vast source to stay connected.

BMS was founded to connect artists and their music from online to on stage, no matter where there are based in the world. As you all know, we are still on our path to reach this ultimate level.

Over and above that due to the current circumstances, we want to give you a voice and help to spread it.

From our end being beneficial now means, to use our platform and create a special space for all of you artists out there, where you can share your current experiences / situations / music sessions / studio work facing the pandemic threat #artistsinthetimeofCov19 .

Thus, we will today open up a special section under „artists in the time of COV-19“, to publish your videos / messages / or any other content in this regard.

Stay safe

Your team at BMS