Artists in the time of COVID-19


Being an artist in this COVID-19 times is serious challenging because music and art as universal languages is predestined to bring people together. It is disturbing not to know, when the time of social distancing ends.

We may have to isolate now but despite all limitations we mustn’t forget:  Music is still a great and vast source to stay connected.

In this section we are going to publish your videos / messages / studio impressions or any other content in this regard #artistsinthetimeofCov19

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    Name:Edinson Rodriguez Stage name: Eddie Man Hometown: is Sweden City:Varberg 
 Style genre: I think I do the most style in my music I try to combine the music genre. I think my music have a vibe and a storyline to it that I am from. I want everyone too feel happy and dance because that’s me. 
 I start doing music in first grade in school in a small school band we have. And then for my self. And I been in Swedish idol but it’s not work out. 
 I be inspired off music when i come too Sweden i am adopted from Colombia. And I sing in my mom’s lap and home in my room. I been in different competitions and sing to. So my artist then when I starts was ken ring and Tupac. And like to dance so I washed saved the last dance movie. And other dance movies too. 
 My inspirations off music is idol and school band I play in and song competition’s.

    City: Varberg Age: 36